This section refers to the Lifestyle Portrait Packages and can only be used as a guide to answer some questions you may have and to help achieve the best possible outcome – family photos to treasure.

Please feel free to contact Clare at Phase 2 Photography directly if you have any further questions.


Q:  What is ‘Lifestyle Portraiture’ ?

A:   ‘Lifestyle Portraiture’ is a fancy term that professional photographers use to define photographs that capture people, families, children even pets in their natural environment.  It is sometimes referred to as ‘Reportage Photography’.

You may have noticed that ‘Reportage Photography’ has become very popular for Weddings and Special Occasions!

Q:  Why should I book a ‘Lifestyle Portraiture Photo-shoot’ ?

A:   Kids today just seem to grow up far too quickly; having a Lifestyle Portraiture Photo-shoot will capture those memories, the essence of your family, creating honest and spontaneous images!  Children tend to be happier once they are outdoors; they will play and have fun doing the simplest things and I usually find the adults can get quite wrapped up in the moment too!

Q:  So why would should I choose you ? 

A:   Just have a browse through my work; you will see that I am a professional photographer producing high quality unique images.  I do have a particular style that is natural and relaxed, however I am also experienced in Studio, Commercial and Fashion Photography.  If you have any specific ideas in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As a mum of two boys, the eldest who is now in his teens, I fully understand the importance of capturing those special moments with your family … those smiles and screwed up faces, the funny things they do ….  kids today just seem to grow up far too quickly !

That caught off guard moment that is just your child to a 'T' !


Q:  Where ... or should that be Location, location, location ?

A:   I would recommend that we liaise with regards to the location to ensure the best from the photo-shoot.  The most popular venues are local parks and on the moors but the shoot could be nearly anywhere … think about your favourite places to visit.

I can also suggest some locations that I know work well.  The decision does not necessarily need to be made straight away but I do need to know two weeks prior to the photo-shoot.  If you are booking a ‘Grand Day Out’ this will take a little more planning !

Please note: permission may be required if the land or premises are privately owned.

Q:  Can you do the photo-shoot in my own home ?

A:   YES – there are two options.

Lovely atmospheric images can be captured in the home without a full lighting kit, if the setting suits and there is plenty of natural light streaming in from the windows … and sometimes on a Lifestyle Portrait Photo-shoot I will capture a few in your home before we set off outdoors!

I do have a full Professional Portable Studio Kit that I use for commercial work … however, although it is portable it is still a substantial kit and rates for this would need to be discussed separately along with the practicalities of space etc, …….. ! 

As much as I love using a professional backdrop and studio lights, for a family photo shoot there is nothing nicer than a relaxed image of you in the garden or out on a walk.   Should you prefer a more traditional experience, that is perfectly fine too.  We all have different tastes after all!

Q:  What if I need to cancel due to bad weather or illness ?

A:   … it happens - the best laid plans and all that! 

Don’t worry give me a quick phone call as soon as you think there may be a problem.  If the weather is not great for playing out or one of you is just too poorly on the day, keep me informed and we will work around it, rescheduling if necessary.

Don’t let a little rain put you off a lot of fun can be had jumping in puddles whether you are 4 or 64!

So let’s go have fun making sure you have the hot chocolate ready for our return, fully topped off with squirty cream and marshmallows ready for that cute final photo ….  !

NOTE:  if you just want to cancel and not rebook the booking fee is Non-refundable.

Q : When’s the best time for photographing my baby ?

A:   The best advice I can give would be to give me a call before your little bundle arrives – the best time to really capture those calm early stages is between one and three weeks.  The photo shoot can be taken in your home to cause the least amount of disruption as possible, and where you will all feel the most comfortable.

Q:  I have a large family, can I include my extended family such as aunts, uncles and grandparents ?

A:   Generally a family photo-shoot is for up to 6 people max, the more family members present, the greater the time required to ensure I capture everyone at their best.  Please enquire for further details.

Q: How do I book ?

A:   You can call me on 07968 619 928 to arrange a booking or for a chat about the next step.

I can also be emailed via my contact page http://www.phase2photography.co.uk/contact.html

or directly at [email protected]

Please remember a deposit is required to secure your preferred date, but there is flexibility within this to allow for illness / bad weather etc.

Q:  What happens next ?

A:   Once I have your contact details, and a deposit, I will send you further information to help you prepare for the photo-shoot.

Q: What do I do with the images after ….

A:   My ‘package price’ sessions are designed to be affordable, the fully edited images can easily be download from your own password protected Gallery.

However I would ask that you take the time to consider the options available to you.  I truly believe in showcasing well-loved photographs so I have chosen a limited range of some of the best products the industry has to offer.  Should you require something completely different please don't hesitate to ask - there are just too many options for me to include them all on the price list.

Q:  Is it possible to purchase the other photos from my ‘Photo-shoot’?  Can I upgrade?

A:   I initially choose and fully edit what I consider the best images for you.  This does take quite a bit of time and I have to confess not always an easy task when there are cute children involved!  There will be many images not included due to time restrictions for editing!

You can upgrade your package to include a ‘Portrait Album’ – the Album packages all include the ‘best of the rest’ of your photo-shoot fully edited, the images will then be available to use in the Album, and also for framing or download.

The Albums are truly beautiful products made by Professional Printing companies that are widely used and respected within the industry giving you superior archival quality.

Q:  Do you carry out any other work?

A:   I am also involved with the Theatrical & Media Make Up Division of a local college as you will see from some of the images on my website ... it is never a dull day when the students start developing their skills and particularly scary when they are creating Zombies !!

Q:  Copyright …. where can I use the photos ?

A:   As the photographer I automatically own the ‘copyright’, however for the images I process for you – I am happy for you to share them with friends and family including using them for your social media.  The exceptions include resale, selling them as stock images or putting them forward for a competition, if you are unsure in anyway just drop me a line to enquire.

Q:  Can I purchase a Gift Voucher

A:   YES – just use my contact form requesting a voucher.

Q:  Why can you do a lower priced mini photo-shoot

A:   The Mini Photo-Shoot – is a limited promotion I occasionally offer.

A Mini Photo-Shoot is a 1-hour session as against 1 to 2 hours for a normal ‘Lifestyle Photo-shoot’; obviously the more time you have the better the chance we have of achieving some really amazing images!   Mini Photo-shoots are not recommended for larger families or long walks !