FAQ’s: Wedding Day Photography Package


This section refers to the Wedding Packages and can only be used as a guide to answer some questions you may have and to help achieve the best possible outcome –  photos to treasure.

Please feel free to contact Clare at Phase 2 Photography directly if you have any further questions.

QUESTIONS : click on a specific question to go directly to it scroll through read several.

Q:   What is ‘Reportage’ Style photography?

Q:   Do you do Formal Images ?

Q:   So why would should I choose you ? 

Q:   What photographic kit do you have / use ?


Q:   What is ‘Reportage’ Style photography?

A:   ‘Reportage Photography’, is a style of photography that has become more and more popular over the last few years and has always been my favourite style of photography – even way back when I got hitched and completely confused the photographer by asking for ‘non-formal images’ certainly not !!

This style documents your event as it happens rather than a formal approach of ‘stiff’ group photos, and certainly more interesting than having all formal images. More commonly used alongside the formal images but takes greater precedent.

It doesn’t, however mean that it is easier, with reportage you have to be on the go all the time and have a very keen eye and a complete grasp of your tools -  the camera etc.,.

Q:   Do you do Formal Images ?

A:   YES – mainly because this is the safest way to ensure you have photos of the most important people in your life – the VIPs’, whether they are the closest members of your family, a long lost aunt or your best buddies!  However, we try to keep these photos relaxed and to a minimum – this way everyone can relax into the day and enjoy it without having to pose too much.

Q:   So why would should I choose you ? 

A:   A good question – where to start ….

I am not one these wedding photographers that concentrate on just weddings, which is why you will not see oodles of wedding photography on the website, I carry out a variety of work.  Why, because I love photography and as much as my tutors and mentors over the years have told me to concentrate on one genre of photography i.e., weddings or portraits etc., I just can’t, I love a little of everything – I believe it keeps me fresh with ideas –  it does not mean I am not good at wedding photography it just means I want to photograph flowers, yes flowers and property and media and whatever takes my fancy or the next job entails  …….. I also want to enjoy time with my family – which is very difficult when you are shooting weddings every weekend!

Just have a browse through my work; you will see that I am a professional photographer producing consistently high quality, thought provoking images.  I do have a particular style that is natural and relaxed, however I am also experienced in Studio, Commercial and Fashion Photography.  If you have any specific ideas in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Q:   What photographic kit do you have / use ?

A:  My main kit consists of two full frame Professional Digital Canon Cameras (essential at weddings should one fail there is always a backup); I would mainly use two professional Canon ‘L’ series lenses – a wide angle and a zoom lens, but would carry one to two other lenses just in case the event requires a different creative image, along with other sundry items to support the kit and provide alternative images if necessary.

…. and if you really route around in my bag you will find all kinds of paraphernalia for ‘emergencies’ …. Mints, water, hair brush, wet wipes, more mints, chocolate, tissues  … sometimes a bottle bubbles – no not the drinking kind !!  No pinching the mints !

Q:   Where to have the Engagement photoshoot  ... or should that be Location, Location, Location ?

A:   I would recommend that we liaise with regards to the location to ensure the best from the photo-shoot.  The most popular venues are local parks, beauty spots or on the moors but the shoot could be nearly anywhere … think about your favourite places to visit (the included photo-shoot must be within an easy reach- please check).

       Your venue for your wedding can work well too, but we may need permission first.

I can also suggest some locations that I know work well.  The decision does not necessarily need to be made straight away but I do need to know two weeks prior to the photo-shoot.

Please note: permission may be required if the land or premises are privately owned.

Q :  How do I book ?

A:   You can call me on 07968 619 928 to arrange a booking or for a chat about the next step.

I can also be emailed via my contact page.

Please remember a deposit is required to secure your preferred date, but there is flexibility within this.

Q:   What happens next ?

A:   Once I have your contact details, and the deposit, I will send you further information to help you prepare for both the Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot and the Wedding Day, including : -

‘Tips & Tricks’ sheet, A ‘What to Wear’ sheet (Engagement photo-shoot) and a link to some amazing online guidance.  Not forgetting the all important contract – this is to ensure both the client and photographer are fully aware and agreed upon the process, to clarify expectations, schedules, copyright  along with several important items that need to be confirmed to protect both parties.

Closer to the date I will send out an online form (hardcopy is available) for completion re : further information about the schedule, venues, who the VIPs’ are (bridesmaids, best man… etc.,) along with some other handy information to help the day run smoothly and to help take the pressure off the ‘Happy Couple’.

Q:   Are you insured ?

A:   Yes, I have full insurance including public liability.

Q:   What do I do with the images after our Pre-Wedding Photo-shoot….

A:   Here at PHASE 2 we want to ensure you get the best package you can and that you truly enjoy your Wedding images, and the best way for you to do that is in your very own professionally designed and printed Wedding Album.  The creation, design and assistance with choosing the images for the Album is all included in the wedding packages (unless otherwise stated).

For the Engagement Photoshoot, the best images will be presented in the Signing Album that is also included in the ‘package price’.   This is a lovely way to share your images on your Wedding Day and to enjoy the lovely and probably cheeky comments friends and family will make in the album.  The images can also be viewed in your very own online password protected Gallery, and may be included in the USB upgrade option.


Q:   Who chooses the photos for the Albums?

A:   For the Signing Album it would initially be the photographer, the album will be designed and a proof copy shared with the client – then we can liaise on any alterations you may wish.

       For the Wedding Album – this can work in the same way or you can choose your favourites from your online gallery by clicking on the heart displayed on the photo, and we will endeavor to include as many of them as possible in the final design.

Q:   Can Friends and Family see the photos from my Wedding Day?

A: Yes – it is entirely up to you who you share the online gallery with.  Images will be watermarked with a copyright logo, a link to the gallery can be given out at the wedding in preparation if you wished – however, most couples like to view the images first then forward on the link.

Q:   Can Friends and Family purchase photos from my Wedding Day?

A:   Yes – once you have shared the album with your friends and family they can purchase downloads, prints in mounts and a variety of wall art.

Q:   Can I upgrade?

A:   YES – upgrade options are shown on the Wedding Page.  Upgrades to the day event need to be made as soon as possible, preferably no later than one week prior. 

Upgrades to products can be made after the wedding – but please bare in mind that I initially choose and fully edit what I consider the best images for your albums and the album takes time to design and create well, the duplicates and copies need to be decided before the album is created to qualify for the upgrade / duplicate prices quoted.

You can upgrade your package from the ‘Quality Wedding Album’ which is included, to the ‘Contemporary Wedding Album’ which gives more cover choice and the option to increase the pagination (pages) – more pages are not available on the included album.

The Albums are truly beautiful products made by Professional Printing companies that are widely used and respected within the industry giving you superior quality.

Q:   Do you carry out any other work?

A:   YES - I am also involved with the Theatrical & Media Make Up Division of a local college as you will see from some of the images on my website Social Media presence ... it is never a dull day when the students start developing their skills and particularly scary when they are creating Zombies !!

       Along with Portraiture and Pet Photography I also carry out Property photography, Commercial work, Corporate Headshots and PR Photography. 

       I have been known to dabble in Fine Art photography and just love to photograph flowers in my spare time.

Q:   Copyright …. where can I use the photos ?

A:   As the photographer PHASE 2 Photography / Clare Maeers automatically own the ‘copyright’, however you can share the images edited and watermarked for Social Media sharing and if you upgrade to the USB with edited images – you can share this with friends and family.

The exceptions would predominantly be, selling them as stock images, promoting them as your own/or a third parties work or putting them forward for a competition without prior consent, if you are unsure in anyway just drop me a line to enquire.

Please see my full terms and conditions.

Q:   Can I purchase a Gift Voucher

A:   YES – just use my contact form requesting a voucher and stating value required.  Vouchers are valid for 13 months from date of purchase  - this in most cases allows time for the purchase and the gifting (one month for presenting the Gift Voucher,  and one year for the photoshoot).